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Installation is a sound generator for model boats:
fog horn
The settings allow the faithful reproduction of sound.
The power of each module is approximately 4W.
Power is supplied at a voltage of 12 V.
Consumption is between 150 and 800 mA.


1-    1-circuit imprimé
2-    1-transistor BC 547  TIO
3-    1-transistor BD 136   T6
4-    2-transistors TIP 31 =TIP 29   T13-T15
5-    1-transistor TIP 32 = TIP 30    TU
6-    10- transistors 2N 2907 TI à T5-T7 à T9-T12-TI4
7-    1-diode zener 2.7 V DZ
8-    6-diodes 1N4I48 DlàD6
9-    1-résistance ajustable 10 K RAJ
10-  3- résistances ajustables 22 K RA2-RA3-RA4
11 - 1 - résistance ajustable 470K  RAS
12-  1-résistance ajustable 11K RA6
13-  1- résistance 27R (rouge-violet-noir) R15
14- 1- résistance 220R (rouge-rouge-marron) R26
15-  1- résistance 330R (orange-orange-marron) R1
16-  1- résistance 3.3K (orange-orange-rouge) R28
17- 1- résistance 10K (marron-noir-orange) R25
18-  1-résistance 100K (marron-noir-jaune) RI 8
19-  1- résistance 150K (marron-vert-Jaune) R27
20-  1- résistance 1M (marron-noir-vert) R24
21-  2- résistances 33R (orange-orange-noir) R22-R23
22- 2- résistances 8.2K (gris-rouge-rouge) R17-R2I
23- 2- résistances 56K (vert-bleu-orange) R19-R20
24-  7- résistances 1K (marron-noir-rouge) R3-R6 à R8-R10-R13-R14
25-  7- résistances 12K (marron-rouge-orange) R2-R4 R5-R9-R11-R12-R16
26-  1- condensateur 10NF C12
27-  1-condensateur 22NF Cl9
28-  1-condensateur 47NF Cl3
29- 2- condensateurs 0.1MF = 100NF C2-C16
30- 2- condensateurs 0.22MF = 220NF C14-C20
31- 2- condensateurs chimi. 2.2MF/25V/RAD C3-C4
32- 2- condensateurs chimi. 4.7MF/25V/RAD C1-C7
33- 2- condensateurs chimi. 10MF/25V/RAD C10-C17
34- 2- condensateurs chimi. 22MF/25V/RAD C9-C11
35- 4- condensateurs chimi. 220MF/25V/RAD C5-C8-C15-C18
36- 4- condensateurs chimi. 470MF/25V/RAD C6
37-1- soudure

A final check the implementation of components and welds.
Connect a speaker ohm April to August, with a power of 10 W, the points marked "H-P" of each module, the large wire.
Connect the 12V power points marked + and - of each module.
then proceed with the tests and adjustments.

The adjustable resistor RA5 sets the tone of the horn.
It is advisable to use a woofer, and built to faithfully reproduce the sounds.
Consumption is 250 mA.

The module used as noise generator, a transistor oscillator, whose frequency is set by an adjustable resistor. The output signals then attack the amplifier, constituted by a power transistor.

The installation requires attention.
The components are soldered closest to the printed circuit.
Start with the diodes D1 to D6, then the zener diode DZ, the voltage of 2.7 V
is marked by clear on it, respecting the position of their ring.
Solder resistors and non-polarized capacitors.
Weld the chemical capacitors, following the polarity indicated on their housing. The shortest leg indicates -.
Weld adjustable resistors.
Solder the transistors properly orienting the flat.
The transistors T6, T11, T13 and T15 are welded vertically. Their orientation is repeated by the black part in the diagram, which indicates the metal face.

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