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The circuit is an assembly to reproduce the sound of steam engines in operation or stopped.
Power is supplied by a 9V to 12V voltage.

1 -circuit imprimé
I- haut parleur
1- inverseur à glissière
1-transistor BD 135
6- transistors BC318 = BC547
3- transistors 2N2907
3-diodes 1N4148
1 - potentiomètre 10K/A
1- résistance ajustable 22K
1- résistance 1/4W 330R (orange-orange-marron)
1- résistance 1/4W IK (marron-noir-rouge)
1- résistance 1/4W 6.8K (bleu-gris-rouge)
1- résistance 1/4W 8,2K (gris-rouge-rouge)
I - résistance 1/4W 22K (rouge-rouge-orange)
1- résistance 1/4W 27K (rouge-violet-orange)
1-résistance 1/4W 1OOK (marron-noir-jaune)
1- résistance 1/4W 330K (orange-orange-jaune)

1 - résistance 1/4W 470K (jaune-violet-jaune)
2- résistances 1/4W 470R (jaune-violet-marron)
2- résistances 1/4W 5.1 M (vert-marron-vert)
3- résistances 1/4W 4.7K (jaune-violet-rouge)
4- résistances 1/4W 10K (marron-noir-orange)

4- résistances 1/4W 270K (rouge-violet-jaune)

1- condensateur 1NF
1-condensateur 4.7NF
1- condensateur  47NF
1-condensateur 0.1MF=100NF
4- condensateurs 10NF

1- condensateur chimique 220MF/25V RADIAL
1- soudure

The schematic diagram indicates two transistors generators. The sound of the exhaust steam is obtained by a noise generator constituted by the transistor BC 318 = BC547, whose base and collector are connected together. The noise is then amplified by two transistors BC 318 = 547 BC, The noise is regulated by the adjustable resistance of 22K. Two other transistors BC 318 = 547 BC constitute an astable multivibrator, produces a square wave signal. The lOK knob varies the rhythm of the sound of the steam. The signal is then amplified and controlled by the 2N 2907 transistor, and is made audible by using an amplifier constituted by a Darlington configuration using transistors BC318 BC547 = BD135.Suivant and the switching of the inverter, the noise is continuous or clocked. The mounting of the feed is processed under a voltage between 9 and 12 V.
For the realization, no precautions are necessary, if not the effective respect of the orientation of transistors, diodes, and chemical capacitor.
After having checked the last time the board layout, power installation under a voltage of 9 12 V.
Turn the switch to position 2 (stationary steam jets) and adjust the adjustable resistance of 22 K in order to obtain the sound as realistic as possible.
Turn the switch to position 1 (steam controlled by the potentiometer) and vary the potentiometer to be synchronized with the operation of the locomotive.

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