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This assembly is a power supply for electric fence that provides protection against certain animals, delivering a pulsed high voltage of 3000 V.
The feed is processed under an AC or DC voltage of 6 V.
Consumption is approximately 2 A.

A final check the implementation of components and welds.
Connect the point marked "A" of the circuit over the fence. This wire must be completely stripped and attached to poles with high voltage insulators.
If the insulation between the attachment point of the wire and the post is not 100%, the voltage is zero and has no effect, because the lines of leakage current.
Connecting the point marked "B" of the circuit to the ground by winding a cable on a wooden pile 80 cm long, to be sunk into the ground.
Connect either a continuous supply of 6 V or 6 V secondary of a power transformer 16 VA, if one wishes that the kit works on the sector, the points marked "= - =;".
If the assembly is used in a house like protection on the front door, for example, one of the poles will
connected to the handle and the other pole "will be connected to earth (water pipe).
In this case, the grip must necessarily be isolated from the door.

The kit delivers a high voltage, take the usual precautions for handling and isolation.
It is recommended to install it in a plastic case.
For elderly and sick persoimes, high voltage pulses can be dangerous.

1-1 - Circuit
2 1 - 12 V transformer on it
3- 2 - visM3xlOm
4- 2 - nuts diam. 3mm
5- 2 - washers diam. 3mm
6- 1 - radiator for TO 3
7- 1 - support it 8pts
8- 1 - integrated circuit NE555
9- 1 - transistor-transistor 2N 3055 10-1 BC547
11- 4 - IN 4007 diodes
12- 1 - Look adjustable resistance
13- 1 - 47KB resistance (yellow-purple-orange) R3
14- 1 - 150K resistor (brown-green-jaime) R2
15- 1 - 470K resistance (yellow-violet-yellow) RI
16- 2 - pack. 0.1UF = 100 nF C1-C4
17- 1 - pack. chem. 2.2UF / 25V / C3 RAD1AL
18- 1 - pack. chem. 470uF / 25V / RADIAL C2
19- 1 - welding
20 -1 - thread

The production of a large voltage between the wire fence and the ground is obtained by the difference in self-induction potential, supplied by the transformer. The latter is controlled cyclically by a transistor switch.
The generator uses the circuit 555, including maintenance of the oscillations is obtained by the capacitor C3. It delivers rectangular pulses of neighboring cyclic ratio of 1, the frequency is 1 to 2Hz, on the base of transistor T1, ie mounted with darlington transistor T2. The latter is charged by the secondary of the transformer. The output of the primary issues a pulsed high voltage greater than 3000 V.

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