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P01- LED with push button

P01- LED with push button

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Project 1 : LED with push button

 As long as the push button is pressed the led will light


Required parts: 9V battery*, 1000 ohm resistor (brown black red ), red LED, push-button

How it works: As long as the push button is pressed, a closed circuit is formed that makes the current flow and the LED lights up. Current flows from the (+) of the battery to the push-button, resistor, (+) of the LED and via the (-) of the LED back to the battery.
Using a 1000ohm resistor the current will be about 0.007A (7mA).
Time to experiment:
What happens when you swap (+) and (-) of the led? What happens when you replace the 1000 ohm resistor with a 100K ohm resistor (brown black yellow gold) ?


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