• Mini Fence High Voltage Generator

    High Voltage Generator

    produces from a battery voltage of 9 - 12 V/DC a pulsating, weak high-tension of approx. 1000 Volt. For electrically operated fences for small animals, as thief-protection etc.



    Capacitance meter with 9 measuring ranges and manual selection of scales, very handy, digit height is 16mm.

  • thermostat

    Wireless room thermostat

    Wireless installation replaces your old thermostat




    • professional measuring instrument with large LCD
    • with data-hold function
    • double rotary switch to select functions and ranges
    • test button with lock function
    • overload protection and low battery indication


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iPod, MP3, PC to Bang & Olufsen B&O Cable
iPod, MP3, PC to Bang & Olufsen B&O Cable
iPod, MP3, PC to Bang & Olufsen B&O Cable Allows you to connect your digital music player (iPod/ MP3/ PC or any device with 3.5mm Stereo Jack) to a Bang & Olufsen music system though Din AUX input. Connects iPod/ MP3/ PC with 3.5mm (1/8") Jack to B...
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List of components provided: 1 plastic case 335 x 250 4 UV tubes 8 watts 30 cm 8 tube holders (2 per tube) 4 starters (4 to 22 watts) 1 printed circuit with reflective white face 2 watts 15 watts 220 V (riveted on the PCB) 8 self-tapping screws (t...
 05/04/2018  (4)    (0)

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